Saturday, June 26, 2010

My Organized Chaos Yoo Hoo & Friends Giveaway

My Organized Chaos is giving away a 5" Yoo Hoo or maybe a Friend. These things are great, (I got this first hand from my 9 year old daughter). She loves that thing so much we had to go get some friends so she wouldn't get lonely while she was at school. I think the story was a sham, but since she liked it so much I bought the story.
Ends 7/6
You can depend on My Organized Chaos for honest reviews, great giveaways, and she even has a page that features codes for discounts at various web sites. Her current giveaways include kids shoes and socks, 3D chalk, all natural kids bathing products... Why am I writing this down, go there, you won't be disappointed, you'll probably name your next child after me.

My name is Robert, and I approve this post.

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