Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Double Duty Mommy - Sigma Makeup

Double Duty Mommy is giving away Sigma Makeup's "Princess Grace" Hollywood Glamour Kit. The Kit is worth $49 and has a Kabuki brush, a heart shaped mirror and a pink makeup bag. My daughter tells me it's a pretty sweet setup.
Sigma Makeup has beauty kits for different moods, brush kits, individual brushes, accessories, and special edition collections. For a clueless dad like me, a kit is the way to go. Go check them out, make that woman happy.
Double Duty Mommy has great reviews and tons of mommy and child oriented giveaways. She is running a $25 gift card giveaway right now, when she reaches 500 followers, one lucky follower is going to win. If you are not a follower go over and give it a try. I'll accept your appreciation in advance.


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