Thursday, July 22, 2010

Survey Junkie ViCera Ceramic Knife

Survey Junkie is giving away a ViCera Chef's Knife
I started seeing these ceramic knives a few years ago and have always thought they were the coolest things in the cooking world. I know they are not the coolest things in the kitchen now but they are still pretty badass. ViCera uses the finest Japanese zirconia ceramic in creating a knife that will hold it's edge far longer than steel and because they are made differently than other ceramic knives they will stay sharper than ceramic knives that cost 3x as much
You can see the beauty

You can see the beast

Survey Junkie is somewhere you need to go, on top of this giveaway she also has gift certificates, shoes, blouses, and more. She also has a page where you can find more giveaways.
So click the link, and check it out for yourself.

My name is Robert, and I approve this post.

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