Thursday, September 9, 2010

Boobies, Babies, and a Blog Winner from June and July

I would like to thank Jana from Boobies, Babies and a Blog for hosting the giveaways I won in June and July

June's giveaway was for a Wild Texas Wear tee shirt. First a little disclaimer, I was in the army stationed at Fort Hood, and I hated most every minute of it. It also doesn't help that Texas is the home of the Dallas Cowboys, as a Giants fan, I am genetically preprogrammed to hate the Cowboys. But after receiving the shirt, I was able to rethink my positions, my time at Fort Hood wasn't that bad, and the place I didn't like, the people were cool. Cool people are still cool, even if they love a team I hate. I would have never guessed a tee shirt would provide such a thought provoking experience.
Anyway my daughter loves the shirt. It's become her go-to shirt.
Since she loves it so much, I'll go ahead and say it. Texas isn't that bad.

July's win meant a little more to me. I won a Sonic Alert Alarm Clock. I was told these alarms would wake the dead. I didn't need it to wake the dead, I needed it to wake the deaf. My son was born deaf and through a miracle of technology called a cochlear implant his hearing is almost normal. But, he can't wear them at night because they have to go into a dryer. So getting him up in the morning was a task my wife and I did every school morning. He is growing up and he needs to develop some independence. Waking himself up is a great place to start. That's where the Sonic Alert Alarm Clock comes in. He selected the Sonic Bomb with the bed shaker. He is really hard to wake up in the morning so we converted the bed shaker into a pillow shaker. This  thing really works, after 2 days to get used to it, he gets up in the morning without fail. We love that thing.
When I entered in the giveaway, I knew that if I didn't win the clock I would buy one. Thanks Boobie lady now I don't have to buy one.

As the cheapest person I know always tells me "Why buy one when you can win one"


  1. LOVE IT!!!

    Your daughter is rockin the shirt like nobodies business & your son is an absolute doll. (You think it would be wrong if we arranged a marriage for he and my daughter? LOL)

    Thanks for the shoutout Robert!! This made my day!

  2. Found you through Boobies, and I have to agree, Ft Hood isn't that wonderful. I think the best thing about the Army is the different people you meet... well, the sane ones anyway.

    Congrats on your win from your newest follower.

  3. Thanks for the mention. I consider the "cheapest person I know" to be a compliment. Also my philosophy is awesome! You can win!