Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Check out my New Powermat.

First I would like to thank Jessica at The B Keeps us Honest for hosting the giveaway. I was really exited to win the powermat. Finally, I can be the one to give the mind blowing birthday present. (Better than the usual gift card I usually get for him).
The Powermat arrived about 2-3 weeks after I sent the order in. I asked for the iPhone holder, the iPod dock and a universal base. 

For me it was love at first sight. The pieces did not have a cheap plastic feel to them. They all felt solid and built to last. The iPhone holder was covered in a slip resistant rubbery coating, and came with a pass through cable so you can still connect it to a computer without taking the phone out of the case.

The power supply for the powermat is very transportable. You will have no problems traveling with everything you need to keep everything you have charged and ready to use. The powermat comes with a universal charger with a mini-usb tip. It also comes with 8 adapter tips that will charge most devices out there.

My iPod, iPhone, and DS all charged with no problem. When you put the device on the pad a light comes on letting you know your are charging. After the device is charged the port will shut down so it will not overcharge your devices.

Overall I was impressed with the Powermat, but I did run into one problem, it would not charge my Droid X
It had the correct tip, (micro-USB), but I couldn't start the charge.

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