Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Powermat Giveaway The Life Of A Coast Guard Wife

   A couple of months ago I got a Powermat for my birthday. I was very happy with the construction, well built, solid, no plasticy feel. It easily accommodated my daughters iPhone, my iPod, and my son's Nintendo DS. The only problem with it was the supplied usb adapter would not charge my Droid X. My brothers birthday was a month after mine so I re-wrapped it and gave it to him.

   My haste was not rewarded. A few weeks after I sent it off, I found out they not only fixed that problem, they made an adapter specifically for the phone. Now I want one again. Luck favored me this time and I found the Powermat Giveaway at The Life Of A Coast Guard Wife. So I'm in.
Hopefully my luck will hold out and I will be announced the winner. I got my fingers crossed.

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  1. Thanks for posting my giveaway! Good luck, looks like you really want this one! :)